Sunday, 29 May 2011

Busy Bee

Afternoon All

Sproglets are so happy as they enjoy another lazy day in the never ending stream of holidays. I really don't remember having so many of them when I was young. I do wish the that the weather would take a turn for the better, so that they could get outside and play. I, on the other hand, have so many things clamouring for my attention that I would be happy to go to school in their place. The new 3D telly has been installed and I'm the only one who hasn't had a preview yet! So much to do.

By Tuesday afternoon I have to have finished about 50 Prom invitations, 7 of which, have to be "super duper". Aagh!!!!  If I could only stop procrastinating, then my stress levels would drop enormously. But I've spent the morning with the Vax cleaning beer stains out of the carpet. Mr Perfect had invited friends over to "Christen" the new telly, but little did I think that they would take it so literally! As I had climbed the wooden hill to bed some hours before, I had no idea  that they had tried to give the cream carpet a beer shampoo. What plonkers.

Any how time for a quick blog and then back to work.
A huge thanks to everyone in Saturday mornings "Grand Nestie" class, the afternoon class would never have started on time without your extra hard work and suggestions.

Nesties meets Sizzix, Tim Holtz and Kanban

The first of the six classes, is always a steep learning curve for me! Thats why I think that "The Usual Suspects" are such a great bunch and deserve a huge round of applause. They meet every challange ( and believe me there can be a few ) with unfailing good humour, pay for the dubious privilage AND come back for more!!! I really can't remember who it was that came up with the top tip (you will know who you are). I did use it in the afternoon class, although someone did ask why I didn't cut the white stamped piece before it was matted on to the brown backing! Just goes to show, doesn't it. Sorry I didn't manage to take a photo, we were all just a little busy.

The afternoon crowd are also a great, and this time I did manage a few photos. I also have my "Usual Suspects Mk II" and helpers in this class.

Ewan with his masterpieces

Ewan was my chief helper in this class, handing out embellishments and using my little Sizzix Side Kick to die cut all the Tim Holtz tickets for everyone, as well as finishing his own pieces. Although it was his first visit, I think that he did an excellent job.

The Usual Suspects MkII

Well I'm off now to fire up my Cricut and cut out 50 something gold stars (for the prom cards), once I've blown the stoor off of it!! It's been so long I wonder if I still know how to plug it in.

Big hugs for now


  1. *mutters about children having too many holidays*.....

  2. Hi all thought I should send you Congrats. Pleased re all the good work you are doing, both at home and Classes Hugs to you and yours

  3. Hi again I cant believe that this last one made it so I thought Id try in again --FOR-- LUCK!!!


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