Thursday, 23 August 2012

Melt Art

I've booked my place on Lin Brown's Melt art Class in December.
Now that there are to be no more Artsycrafts weekends this is the next best thing
Lin's work is an amazing and although I've been to one of her melt art classes a couple of years ago, I know that this class will be crammed full of fab new ideas and techniques.

The photo's below are from Lin's blog.
Don't they look absolutely fab.

This is the beeswax and Pan Pastel canvas that we are going to make on the second day.
I'm soo... looking forward to it.

Checkout some of the other photos from the upcoming class on Lin's website here
Came across this today when I was tidying. I made it at an Artsycrafts weekend some time ago but never got round to posting pictures of it.
Would love to show you the rest of the photo's but Blogger isn't playing the game. It has already taken 2 days just to get this far!!
Technology drives me round the hat rack.
Anyway, off I go to Craftworld to create the samples for the new classes which start at the beginning of September.
Hope to see you there.
Big hugs


  1. Hi Karen,
    I'm visiting Glasgow friday/Saturday. Are you working by any chance? I was thinking of popping into Craft World :)
    Sorry you didn't make it to Lin's class in the end.

  2. Hi Karen, Just to let you know I stopped by your blog and have enjoyed looking at your craft projects. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday for the class.
    Julie xx


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