Saturday, 2 April 2011

Thank goodness for Scrubbies!!!

If you don't have one, you really ought to. Shifts paint and alcohol ink from inky, painty paws. Pity it doesn't work on clothes. Opened a new bottle of Viva Alcohol Ink that was under a little bit of pressure. Oops. Lots of things, including my grey joggies, are now a particularly vivid shade of blue. Won't be wearing them outside again. Viva inks appear to have a much stronger colour saturation than the Ranger ones!
Anyway I've been cutting and embossing metal using the Paper Artsy flower dies, Tim's embossing folders and my TSS tools. Generally making a bit of a mess. Still at least it's all contained within my craft room.  

 Crafter at work.
I did try to be tidy, but....Still as I say, craft room and all that.

I love the colours and no two are ever the same

This weeks top tip came from Helen, who at this moment will be sunning herself in Vegas. Jammy Dodger. Here she is looking particularly pleased with herself, with her creation from last Saturdays Altered Art 1 class

Specs off

Thanks to everyone who lent a hand with the setting up, cutting and tidying, both in the morning and afternoon classes. Much appreciated.

Must go now as I'm apparently holding up the telly watching schedule!! A woman's work is never done.

Big hugs


  1. What was Helens top tip? Love the flowers, stunning colour combinations!xxx


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