Monday, 7 March 2011


Isn't ooze a great word. It describes what has been going on behind my chair for the last few days! Due to several more stash additions, things have begun to ooze from behind the chair (which I can no longer  use), and spread themselves out over the kitchen floor. I have a huge list of things to do today but commencing an ooze attack is up there at the very top.

Anyway enough of the mundane. Managed to see Barbara Grey do two of her fab demos. Scotland Forever was the first. She makes it look sooo easy, but I know brayers can be tricky little devils.

Barbara is so tidy and organised, just look at the size of workspace that she does her demos on. By comparison mine had everything and its dog on it!! Her second demo showed a really cool clingfilm technique to make beautiful backgrounds. No piccies of that one unfortunately as I was starting to get embarrassed clicking my phone in her face. Though I'll now have to add Adirondack dye ink pads, eggplant and rust, to my collection. I'm so desperate to go play with my new Clarity stamps, but that will have to wait just now
Anyway must dash and start the assault on the kitchen. Will let you know if I find Lord Lucan or Shergar behind the chair, or maybe even TTUF!!! Stranger things have happened.

Big hugs


  1. The IF appeared at mine last night but she hasn't seen TTUF/CF/or HWF, must still be sunning it in the Bahamas

  2. Just thinking, & I know I shouldn't!!!, but whilst I agree that ooze is a very good word it does indicate the presence of slime of some sort and I'm sure you'll not be wanting any of that in with your stash!!

  3. Hi There the cards are all lovely. Hope you made a small dent in the ooze. Keep crafting.


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