Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter / Chocolate heaven

As I'm writing this it's hunt the Easter Bunny on board, but with the time difference, Easter day will probably have been and gone before it's posted. The ship is festooned with balloons, streamers, bunnies and chocolate eggs. The Americans really go in for this in a big way. Mind you they do everything BIG. There are literally hundreds of huge eggs all over the ship, but you are not allowed to eat any of them. Can you imagine the torture. They don't sell them either, so there seems to be no way of getting my grubby little mitts on one. I have been reliably informed that they are going to make cakes out of them! What a waste. Have you ever tasted American cake? If you have you'll know what I'm talking about. YUCK!

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere.....

At least one bunny was happy

Happy sproglets after the egg hunt

The computer seems to have "lost" the other photos I put on the blog. A huge pain when they charge $5 for every 10 minutes use of the Internet and you can only load 1 photo at a time, logout, login again find the blog and try and load another photo. And to think that I thought the Internet at home was slow!!
Will try and find them and update the blog, but I have to go catch some rays now

Big Sunny Hugs


  1. It's sunny here too you know :p xxx

  2. hi there..Hope you are up to date with all your you to you soon love hugs and kisses


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