Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Homeward bound

Last day on board. Sob sob.
Will miss the food, not having to cook, not having to do washing or make my bed, but on the plus side I can start my diet!! Isn't life grand.
We are going to do a tour of L.A. today. I've been here a couple of times, but have only seen the Port and LAX.
Have been continuing my crocheting, and one day it might even be finished. I have had to put it into my suitcase though for the journey home as I may be deemed a menace if I keep the crochet hook in my hand luggage. Did make a ribbon Lei yesterday. It's quite a cool technique, good for making rosettes and flowers. I will post it once I get it videoed. Also took part in a card making class, but I'm too embarrassed to show you the result. Although the little kit was very nice, I had forgotten my specs, there were no pencils, rulers, craft knives etc only tiny scissors and sticky tape. At that point my mojo ran screaming from the room.
I really did try. Toy boy and grandchildren!!! thought that it was ok / nice, but I realised just how reliant on my toys / stash I've become.
Decided to sit in the sunshine but my only company were polar bears and penguins. When the ship is moving it whips up a fair breeze ( read howling gale, literally), so it was absolutely baltic. I'm sure it's wind burn and not sunburn that I have.

British music given  the "Hollywood" treatment
The final stage show on board was called the British Invasion. Britains infulence on the music world. It was quite spectacular. It is fun to see the way that Americans portray us. They are not particularly accurate sometimes, (think The Tudors!!!), but it sure does look good. 

 Looking forward to being back in sunny Scotland, (where the chocolate is not kept locked up or made into cake)

Big hugs


  1. Looking forward to seeing you too, will make sure have plenty of chocolate in!! When you back in sunny scotland? Have you got your pinflair samples sorted for the demo weekend?;-)

  2. Hi You Guys, Hope you had a nice time, but I have been lonely without were so far away!Talk to you all soon


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