Sunday, 24 April 2011

Aloha again

 What an amazing few days it has been. Thought I'd share a couple of the holiday highlights with you.
The shore excursions are hectic as there is so much to see.
On Big Island we took a helicopter flight over an active volcano, complete with bubbling lava. Climbed over 3000 feet to the top of an extinct volcano, on Oahu. (It nearly killed me) The climb not the volcano!! Shopped in Honolulu. Saw where they made Jurassic Park, but the only fossils and dinosaurs I saw were on the coach with us!

Guess what I found. More crafting goodies!!!
Best finds so for were in Ross (think T.K.Maxx) and Wallmart. As you can see I've managed to add to my already enormous "Stash of Craft". Everything here is so cheap. The Craving Craft kit from Me and my Big Ideas was only $3. Mr Perfect thinks that I've lost my marbles but I'm willing to sacrifice some T-shirts to get them all home if necessary. It"s against some law to leave your children behind! Cos lets face it there's not much call for summer clothes in Scotland' but crafting things now that's a different matter.

More toys

Twice now I've been asked if I want my Senior Citizens Discount! Hadn't really thought that I looked that far on. Given that a very large number of passengers are over 80, some over 90 and at least 1 over 100, I thought that I was one of the youngsters. Not so it seems. My children have been scarred for life as the shop assistant thought that they were my grandchildren. Now I know that in Scotland that I could Quite easily be a great granny' but I mean to say.
So it looks like I'll need to get in shape and give up on the choccies, (which they lock up on this ship by the way) :-(

Toy boy and grandchildren at Jurassic Park!!!!
See you all soon. I'm off to have some lettuce for dinner.

Hawaiian sunset from the balcony

Big Hugs from Hawaii


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