Sunday, 17 April 2011


No, I've not died and gone to craft heaven. Am in holiday heaven instead. Right now we are sailing about 2000 miles off of the Californian coast, heading for Hawaii. Blue skies and calm (ish) blue seas. Not another ship in sight. Paradise.

How cool is this.

Small sproglet at the ice carving demonstration today. Learned how to make a Lei this morning. One from beautiful orchids, the other from shells and painted heart shaped nuts. Wish I could put in some more photos but I seem to have killed that function on the computer after the first try!! Whats new. I have a long history of failure when it comes to computers. Several people have tried to fix the problem, but today is not going to be my day.
They have had both a scrap booking and a journaling class onboard. No stamps, inks, pens, stencils, punches etc, only glue sticks and tiny scissors. Aaagh! Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't do tiny scissors. You guys don't know how lucky you are. This is the first holiday that I haven't brought any crafting things with me, as the luggage allowance was so small. Am almost desperate enough to fly back across the Atlantic to get some!! May need to resort to the tiny cross stitch that came with a magazine.
Anyway, sunshine and very scrummy food beckon. Must be off. Will try to get some of the other photos to load.

Big hugs


  1. Euans concerned that Camerons hands were cold! Sorry can't even post you stuff out as you'd probably be home before it gets there. Just get a pencil and paper out and design all the future classes for when you get back!! Have been showing the ladies the double easel and your other card and they all seemed keen to book up. See you soon Ruthxx

  2. Not jealous, not jealous, not jealous. Nah, it's not working, I am! Have a fabby time. Even if you haven't got your stuff with you! xx

  3. Hi there So glad the sea is blue and that you are having a fab time Temperature here is hotter even than Spain. Hugs all round


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