Monday, 21 March 2011

More toys!

Like I actually needed anything else. But where crafting goodies are concerned, it's a case of want not need. Ruth and I decided to have a quick mooch in Primark, looking for bits and bobs for my Configurations box. It felt like Christmas. I only stopped because I had to do the school run.  

How pretty are these pieces. There were so many different kinds I could have bought them all. Good job time was short. Ruth had also managed to get her mitts on Rayon seam binding all the way from New York. I have been desperate to track this stuff down, but it's scarcer than hens teeth ( not what Mr Perfect said I should write, it had something to do with rocking horses ). I now have a hundred yards of the stuff, plus distress and alcohol inks. Have cleared the kitchen table in anticipation of a play day tomorrow. Will let you see the results.
New toys in the shop as well. Paper Artsy have finally made it instore.

Beautiful stamps

And dies to match

Martha Stewart / Spellbinders classes finish on Thursday night. A very well done to the 40 ladies and gent that have stormed through the 4 cards in the class. Promised I'd print this picture of Margaret, she was sooo.. chuffed at managing to punch a corner punch in a square. Yay

Pleased as punch!!
Finally thought I'd share with you a photo of my new helper. This is Holly and she is willing to work for a share of my chocolate buttons, and shes cute.

It's a dogs life!
Big hugs
Karen & Holly


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