Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New horizons

Hi All

I have decided that this week is a get up and do week!! It's not like me , I know. I am usually full of good ideas, the Road to Hell and all that, but I have decided to get my butt into gear.
A couple of years ago, some friends and I, discussed starting up a craft "Summer School" for children in the local area. As each summer came round I thought I'll do it next year "Next Year". Well next year is finally here and the wheels are in motion. Last year I bought extra equipment, both the basics and some of the more expensive stuff, so time has come to use it. The ideas have always been the easy part, but I get bogged down with RED TAPE, and easily side tracked. But a Knight in Shining Armour (Mr Perfect) is dealing with the venue, legal and insurance aspects of the venture. I sooo... wish he had offered his services before. The sproglets are also excited, and have had a hand in choosing some of the projects, as well as telling me what boys would like. 
I love teaching children. I like the way that they think outside the box, something I think that we lose as we get older, and if they are interested they listen!!! Something else that adults lose.

More chauffeur work!! Tonight it's the semi finals of #1 sproglets athletics. I hope he continues to do well. Last Saturday he won the 200m event against the rest of the Glasgow area private schools. Long time since I've seen a grin that big on his face. #2 sproglet has after school maths. That means an hour and a half mooching in T.K.Maxx. Bliss.

 A huge thanks to Jane and Margaret for bringing chocolate cake and Cadburys Buttons to last Saturdays card class. They were Soooo....... scrummy. Probably the last thing that my waistline needs, but it tasted so good.

Another One Bites The Dust!

Feel a need to go put some stamps/ink on to some paper and be creative. Who knows I might even get round to posting it.

Big hugs

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