Monday, 14 February 2011

They say it comes in threes

Sorry I've been a naughty blogger but......

Sitting in the car, minding my own business, when the top 15 feet of this huge tree broke off and landed on the car. Had to drive forward to get out from underneath it. Was very definitely shaken and stirred!! Excuse number 1

Number 2 involved a slippy shower, and a slatted wooden bath mat leading to a broken toe. Ouch!

And Number 3 was being beaten by the laptop. Oh how I hate to be defeated by inanimate objects. Anyway a new hard drive later and I'm back in business.

The new class using a range of Tim's products has been great. Many thanks for all the fantastastic feedback, it really has been good fun.

Some of the prep on the kitchen table

 Which one to choose?

My favourite. 
Dusty concorde, stormy sky, peeled paint and shabby shutters.

Beautiful background. This one belongs to Melodie

Will post some more photos after Thursdays class. Don't want to spoil the surprise. My friend Ruth will be taking the class as I'm off to see Tim Holtz at Art From The Heart. Only 4 more sleeps to go. Soooo excited.

Big hugs

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  1. As long as there are no photos of last Thursday's class......


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