Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sew crafty

"I'm definitely going to take a course in time management....
just as soon as I can work it into my schedule."
                                                                Louis E. Boone

Hi all

Just a quick post today as my to do list is huge and I'm suffering from post holiday blues.
I hate unpacking suitcases. All those clothes to wash, and things to put away. Anyway, I did think of doing a post for my blog while I was on the ship, but I just never managed to find the time.
Although I did complete some more pages of my fabric book by taking my mini sewing machine and a "few" embellishments with me.
 Sad or what.

Cabin craftroom

All sewn with the Mini

With embellishments

I have one or two more tiny tweaks to make to this page before it is truly finished.

Don't you just love proving people wrong. Mr Perfect said that I wouldn't be able to find a craft shop in the Arctic Circle! How wrong was he. I found 6. So it would have been very rude of me not to purchase a thing or twenty! Wouldn't it.

Some of the new stash

Thought that this was quite appropriate for me

Needs painted and distressed with some Fresco paint, then embellished using stencils, texture medium, stamped tissue, fibres and embossed metal.

Norway's scenery was spectacular and the sun even shone.

Land of the Midnight Sun

 I've heard that there has been a little rain here! 

Ah well, off now to put in wash load number 6.

Big hugs

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