Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Catch up time

When we are doing what we love,
we don't care about time.
For at least at that moment,
time doesn't exist and we are truly free
                                                                 Marcia Wieder

 It's been a while since my last post but in my defence I have been very busy. Classes, SECC, demo weekends, 4 all day classes AND the very last Artsycrafts 3 day adventure. Added to the mix has been exam time for the sproglets (they both did very, very well) in spite of Mr Perfect and I being "study buddies". Two weeks of relearning stuff I'd forgotten more than 40 years ago!!! At least offering advice/help on the art projects was easy. They had the most amazing ideas but required just a little help to put them into practise. I also have been upgrading a house that I bought so that my mum/sproglets granny could move back to Scotland to be near us. Nightmare. Anyway hopefully I am now on the home stretch with it.

Artsycrafts was amazing. I think that this one was the very best. Lin and Leandra are truly thee most talented, inspirational individuals I have ever met. Yes I know I've met T!m Holtz but they are right up there with him. Pop over to Lin's blog to have a look at the gorgeous projects

 I have learnt so much, from Lin especially, and I'm really sad that there are to be no more of them. But I realise that it is a huge undertaking to stage these classes both in time and energy. I'd also like to say a big thanks to my "table companions", Ruth, Rachelle, Liz and Kerrie (aka Wendy). Those that know me, also know that I have real problems remembering peoples names. Despite the fact that Kerrie wore her name badge throughout, I remained convinced that she was a Wendy??

Fab name badges which I could read without my specs

I will get round to posting my finished pieces soon!! I have almost completed the sewing box and the rusty relic but my fabric book is going to take some time. These are few of the pieces that are nearer completion.

Unfinished sewing box front

A peek inside

Aptly titled "Rusty Relic"

A few weeks ago I taught a Ten Seconds Studio metal embossed mirror frame class. 8 ladies came along to take part and learn to use the TSS tools and moulds. I wish I'd taken more photos.

Claire (Nemo)

Ruth's lovely work using a Cuttlebug die and embossing folder

My mirror

Hand embossed Couture Creations folder finished with Sakura Glaze pens and Glossy Accents

Hand embossed Sizzix folder on top of die cut letters

A combination of a TSS mould and hand embossed Couture Creations folder

No alcohol ink this time, only paint.

Big hugs

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  1. I love the bow tie on your stitched piece inside the sewing box :) can't wait to see your finished stitched book, hoping to finish mine this weekend :)


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