Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sleeping beauties

 Thought I'd share this cute photo with you.
 After our guests had departed on Saturday night / Sunday morning, I was doing my weekly blog hop, when the absence of chatter slowly dawned on me. Mr Perfect and the Sproglets had all left for Hush-a-bye Mountain. Aah.

 Quite why #1 Sproglet had taken up residence on the rug and not the other settee is beyond me. He used to fall asleep in odd places when he was younger, at the table, over chairs and even inside his pillow case, but I did think he'd grown out of it.

Same child, different centuary
Any how, Valentines day has come and gone. I did get a lovely card and my pressie is on it's way. I ran out of time to finish Mr Perfects card, so a shop bought one had to suffice.
 He did mention that I must have been up all night making it!! Cheek.

Mr P's pressie from us all

The photos don't do the glass justice, they are very pretty.

Nearly done!!!

This is the start of his Valentine card. I love working with metal, paint, inks, TSS moulds and tools. It should be finished tomorrow, so hopefully I can post a short tutorial on it at the weekend.

As the Sproglets are still on holiday until next Wednesday, they have to come and help me at the class tomorrow. They thought the cards were cool, but I can't convince either of them to sit in on the class, they would much rather huddle in a corner and play with their DS games. Strange as they are both taking Art at school!?!

There are still a couple of places left for next Thursday evenings class using Lyndsay Mason's fairies and Clarity stamps. Hope to see you there.

Big hugs

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