Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Temporary reprieve

Good news. Nothing has been sold on eBay yet. the SECC has saved my bacon, (and craft stash). the TTUF is still missing, although I have accused my friends of holding her hostage. they are strenuously denying any liability, but I do expect a ransom demand in the very near future. Dragged Mr Perfect and the Sproglets out on Sunday, (mainly to stop them falling over things on the floor). To embarrassed to show a "behind the chair" photo today as it's even worse than last week! Still after the SECC.............

Sunshine and snowdrops

Making samples for the show using lots of new goodies. So do come and say "Hi", cos I know you'll be there! Unfortunately the new Tim Holtz products won't be here in time for the show but are expected very soon. Can hardly wait. Still trying to find the time to finish the mini technique journal, I did in with Tim at Art From The Heart, so that I can post it on the blog.

Class kit

Meanwhile back in the Batcave samples are crying out to be made!!!!

Big hugs

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  1. Hi karen loved the Dream Boxes and all the new stuff. Isn't it great what you produce from all that ooze. love mum


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